Darker Than Black Season 3 – Everything Need to Know

Many fans might be waiting for the Darker Than Black Season 3 but the truth is that It’s not officially confirmed and also release date is unknown for this series. When we’ll get some new information about this season, we’ll update this article.

In this post, We will discuss all the available information and prediction about Darker Than Black Season 3. But first, you need to know some basic information.

Darker Than Black anime series also known as Dākā Zan Burakku ーKuro no Keiyakusha in Japanese is an anime original story. The series was directed and created by Tensai Okamura and is produced by studio Bones.

The story is about a freelance assassin named Hei who is also called a Black Reaper in the underground world. He along with his associates undertake missions for the mysterious and merciless syndicate. However, Hei is not only an assassin he is also a contractor that can manipulate electricity.

Darker Than Black has only two seasons so far. The first season aired from April 6, 2007 to July 20, 2010 with 25 episodes. The second season of Darker Than Black aired from October 9 to December 25, 2009 with 12 episodes. It is a supernatural thriller anime with mystery elements. Darker Than Black also has 4 episode OVA named Darker than Black: Gaiden released from January 27 to July 21, 2010.

Fans are eagerly waiting to watch the third season of the Darker Than Black but it’s unclear whether Darker Than Black s3 will be released or not.

Let’s see will There Be Darker Than Black Season 3? and when it will be released?

Will There Be Darker Than Black Season 3?

Will we see another season of Darker Than Black? This question has been on the minds of many fans since 2010. Unfortunately, Darker Than Black Season 3 will never be produced because the director and studio didn’t plan for the second season. It seems that this anime series is completed. Also, it’s almost 12 years since when the second season was produced, so the studio will not release the third season after 12 years.

The anime series is completed and has a very poor quality of visuals as compared to the latest animes, so fans are shifted to the new animes, they don’t want to watch some old anime series just for the story. If Studio wants to produce a new season for this anime, it will be a total reboot of the series. Let’s take a look at some of the facts and figures of the previous season.

Another problem with Darker Than Black is that the director and creator of this series have left the studio Bones. So, if the third season is planned, it would be a new studio, cast, staff, and even all the new portfolio. And personally, I don’t think it’s worth doing this, because it’ll be the total reboot of the anime series and we even don’t know how well it’ll sell. So, Darker Than Black Season 3 will never be released.

Release Date of Darker Than Black Season 3

Release Date of Darker Than Black Season 3

Darker Than Black Season 3 has not been officially announced or confirmed since the studio and director didn’t plan for the third season. And chances of the third season are very rare because it’s too much time almost 12 years since the last (second) season was produced.

According to the facts and research, we can say that the anime did a very good job to entertain the fans and earned a good profit. Sadly, Darker Than Black Season 3 will not be released because the director and creator have left the studio Bones. Also, the cast and staff need to be replaced because they all also left the studio. So the chances of the third season of Darker Than Black are much low.

We’ll update this post if we find out any official statement on the Darker Than Black official website regarding the release of the third season. Although, there is nothing left to watch and read in Darker Than Black. But, If you are still interested in the Darker Than Black, you can try reading the manga, because it’s different from the anime.

Where Can You Watch Darker Than Black Anime Series?

Darker Than Black was available on Funimation but now it’s not available because they didn’t renew the license. Sadly, no streaming platform is offered to watch the Darker Than Black anime series. It means you can’t watch this anime series on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Netflix.

Trailer of Darker Than Black

No trailer has been released for Darker Than Black Season 3 but we will update the post with the trailer when it will available. Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer of Darker Than Black season 1 below:

Characters, Cast & Anime Staff of Darker Than Black

1. Characters & Cast

CharacterVoice Actor
HeiHidenobu Kiuchi (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
HuangMasaru Ikeda (Gegege no Kitarou (2018))
MisakiNana Mizuki (Naruto)
YinMisato Fukuen (My Hero Academia)
AmberTomoko Kawakami (Aria the Avvenire)
MaoIkuya Sawaki (One Piece)
AprilTakako Honda (Kara no Kyoukai)

2. Anime Staff

Anime Staff PositionStaff
DirectorTensai Okamura (Ao no Exorcist, Nanatsu no Taizai)
Series Composition, ScriptShoutarou Suga (Dimension W, Rinne no Lagrange)
Character DesignYuji Iwahara (Dimension W, Sakugan)
StudioBones (My Hero Academia)

Final Words

The announcement of Darker Than Black anime Season 3 would make many anime fans happy, but it will never be released because it’s over now and the director, creator, cast, and staff left the studio. I would only be produced if there will be totally reboot of the series. And there is no chance of happening this.

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