Citrus Season 2 – Everything Need to Know

There has been no official announcement of Citrus Season 2, so there is still no release date for the next season of this anime, but the question is will there be this anime released and when.

Here are the latest updates on Citrus, including whether a new season will be released and when to expect it.

Citrus is an anime series that is based on a famous yuri manga of the same name which was first published in 2013. It is also known as シトラス in Japan. Saburouta is the writer and illustrator of the Citrus manga series. 

Anime series Citrus with drama elements is the most popular romance yuri anime series and has many fans around the world. The story is about Yuzu Aihara a fun-loving and fashionable city girl who forcibly transfers to the new neighborhood after her mother’s new marriage. As the result of her mother’s marriage, she found a new sister (step-sister) named Mei Aihara. Initially, both Mei and Yuzu were in the fight but eventually, Yuzu thinks that she’s in love with her step-sister and finally they both kissed each other.

So far, an anime television series Citrus has only one season aired from January 6 to March 24, 2018, by Studio Passione and directed by Takeo Takahashi. The series was 1st aired on AT-X, but later Crunchyroll broadcast the series while the English dubbed version was streamed by Funimation.

Will Citrus will return for Season 2? I think the studio and director might not return for the second season because they didn’t say a single word about Citrus s2. Although, fans around the world are still waiting for Citrus Season 2 Episode 1 or any sequel.

Will There Be Citrus Season 2?

For every anime series, there are two factors that involve in the release of the next season of the anime which are the profit that the previous season made and the source material for the anime such as Light Novels and Manga. Unfortunately, the 1st season of Citrus wasn’t profitable at all.

Since there is less profit, we can say that Citrus Season 2 will not happen. The sales of Citrus Blu-Ray are around 1100 copies, which is extremely low. Also, very little merchandise or figures were made for this series.

Let’s talk about Citrus Manga which was released from July 18, 2013 to October 31, 2018, with 10 volumes. There were 800,000 copies sold of the last volume of the manga. Also, Citrus Plus (Citrus+) – a sequel manga series announced on Dec 18, 2018 with 4 volumes that are released from Nov 18, 2019 to Jan 18, 2022.

Evidently, there is enough source material is available for this anime series. The first season of Citrus adapted the first four manga volumes as there is a total of 10 manga volumes published so far. One to two new seasons can be animated for this anime series.

The only failure of Citrus anime is profit and due to this, there is no chance of happening Season 2. Also, the studio and director didn’t announce any news about season 2 of Citrus.

Will There Be Citrus Season 2?

Check out Citrus Manga Volume 5 in English, if you want to continue the story from where the anime ended.

Release Date of Citrus Season 2

Citrus Season 2 has not been officially announced or confirmed since the studio and director didn’t say anything about that. So, the second season is unlikely to release.

According to the facts and research, we can say that the anime did a very good job to entertain the fans but due to the low profit it made and the chances of the second season or even the third season of the Citrus are much low. Although the manga series is still continuing with the Citrus Plus sequel, so let’s hope and wait for the Citrus Season 2.

We’ll update this post if we find out any official statement on the Citrus official Twitter account regarding the release of the second season. But if you still want to know the story after the anime, you can start reading from manga volume 5 to 10 because 1st season adapted only volumes 1 ~ 4 of the manga.

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Citrus Season 2 Release Date

Where Can You Watch Citrus Anime Series?

Crunchyroll and Funimation are the only platforms where you can watch the Citrus anime series. Because Netflix and Hulu are not offering to watch the anime yet.

Trailer of Citrus

No trailer has been released for Citrus Season 2 but we will update the post with the trailer when it will available. Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer of the first season of Citrus.

Characters, Cast & Anime Staff of Citrus

2. Characters & Cast

CharacterVoice Actor
YuzuAyana Taketatsu (Sword Art Online)
MeiMinami Tsuda (Guilty Crown)
HimekoYurika Kubo (Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai)
HarumiYukiyo Fujii (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Season III)
MatsuriShiori Izawa (Made in Abyss)
SaraHisako Kanemoto (Shokugeki no Souma: Gou no SaraD)
NinaRei Matsuzaki (Cinderella Girls Gekijou)

2. Anime Staff

Anime Staff PositionStaff
DirectorTakeo Takahashi (Aki-Sora, Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai.)
Series Composition, ScriptNaoki Hayashi (Black Fox, Flip Flappers)
Character DesignIzuro Ijuuin (Jingai-san no Yome)
StudioPassione (Rokka no Yuusha)

Final Words

The announcement of Citrus anime Season 2 would make many anime fans happy, but it is unlikely to happen. If you want to follow the story of Citrus, you should read the manga volumes since there won’t be a second season.

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