Black Bullet Season 2 – Everything Need to Know

Ever since the first season of Black Bullet started airing, fans have been wondering when the second season will hit our screens. However, Black Bullet Season 2 is not confirmed officially and no release date is announced. When new season will be released? and what will be the release date of the second season of Black Bullet?

In this post, We will answer all the questions and also we will discuss all the available information about Black Bullet Season 2. But first, you need to know some basic information.

Black Bullet anime series also known as Burakku Buretto in Japanese is a successful adaptation of the light novel series of the same name, written by Shiden Kanzaki and illustrated by Saki Ukai. The series was directed by Masayuki Kojima and is animated by studio Kinema Citrus and studio Orange.

Black Bullet is a dark and gritty action-horror anime that follows the adventures of two of these so-called Initiators and Promoters: Enju Aihara and Satomi Rentaro. When the majority of the population has been infected by an alien virus, turning them into monsters called Gastrea. The ones who are left behind are forced to live within Monolith walls in order to avoid conflict with the Gastrea. However, under these walls, they are still at risk of being attacked by the Gastrea and face further danger from the Cursed Children, young girls with abilities due to their Gastrea infection. The mission of Enju Aihara and Satomi Rentaro is to prevent the destruction of the Tokyo and rest of the world.

Black Bullet has only one season so far that aired in April 2014 with 13 episodes. It is post-apocalyptic anime with action-horror elements. It is based on a light novel series of the same name.

Fans are eagerly waiting to watch the second season of the Black Bullet but it’s unclear whether Black Bullet s2 will be released soon or not.

Let’s see will There Be a Black Bullet Season 2? and when it will be released?

Will There Be Black Bullet Season 2?

Will we see another season of Black Bullet? This question has been on the minds of many fans since 2014. Unfortunately, Black Bullet Song Season 2 will never be released because the first season was not profitable and due to this the director and studio didn’t plan for the second season. It seems that this anime series is completed.

Due to the bad profit that Black Bullet anime made, the chances of the second season are very less. It has been confirmed that Black Bullet DVD/Blu-ray sale is around 2,400 copies of blu-rays on average per disk, which is not good in 2014. In addition to this, Black Bullet’s merchandise also sold not good, only 80 pieces of merchandise and just 9 figures are manufactured for this anime series. Although, the light novel sales are good, around 30,000 copies per volume sold.

The main issue is not the profit, Black Bullet has been abandoned by the author because the last volume of the light novel was released in April 2014. Maybe the author abandoned this anime due to less profit. So, don’t wait for the new season because there is no chance of Black Bullet Season 2.

Release Date of Black Bullet Season 2

Release Date of Black Bullet Season 2

Black Bullet Season 2 has not been officially announced or confirmed since the anime is financially unsuccessful and due to this author abandoned the series. Also, no new volume of the light novel has been released since 2014. That’s why Black Bullet s2 will never be released.

According to the facts and research, we can say that the anime did a very good job to entertain the fans and didn’t earn a good profit. Sadly, Black Bullet’s second season will not be released. Also, the official website and official Twitter account didn’t update in the last 7 years.

We’ll update this post if we find out any official statement on Black Bullet’s official Twitter account regarding the release of the second season. If you are still interested in the Black Bullet, you can read the light novel volume 5 to 7 because anime adapted only volumes 1 ~ 4.

If you want to continue the story from where Black Bullet anime ended, check out Black Bullet Vol. 5 in English and Black Bullet Vol. 6 in English

Where Can You Watch the Black Bullet Anime Series?

Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime Video are the only platforms where you can watch the Black Bullet anime. HiDive, Netflix, and Hulu are not offering this anime series yet.

Trailer of the Black Bullet

No trailer has been released for Black Bullet Season 2 but we will update the post with the trailer when it will available. Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer of the first season of Black Bullet below:

Characters, Cast & Anime Staff of Black Bullet

1. Characters & Cast

CharacterVoice Actor
EnjuRina Hidaka
RentarouYuki Kaji
TinaTomoyo Kurosawa
KisaraYui Horie
MidoriYui Ogura
KagetaneRikiya Koyama
KohinaAoi Yuuki

2. Anime Staff

Anime Staff PositionStaff
DirectorMasayuki Kojima
Series Composition, ScriptTatsuhiko Urahata
Character DesignSaki Ukai
StudiosKinema Citrus, Orange

Final Words

The announcement of Black Bullet anime season 2 would make many anime fans happy, but it will never be released because it’s abandoned by the author and there has been not a single volume of the light novel released in the last 7 years. If you are still interested in the Black Bullet, you can read the light novel volumes 5 ~ 7. However, we’ll update this post if we receive the latest news about anime and the light novel.

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